Yet Another New Site

Here’s another new site again.

Why have you done this?

I bought a new domain, and thought it was time to update my personal brand…

What’s with the .ai domain?

I wanted a morton.tld vanity domain, to avoid redundancy in email addresses. was the only one available on an appropriate tld that was not extortionately expensive. I can pretend I’m a hip ML researcher now.

How is the site built?

This is built with Hugo. Hugo sucks least of all the static site generators I’ve looked at, apart from rolling my own. It’s relatively forgiving of breaking the rules or going off the beaten path. I’d have used hakyll if I could trust that anything would still compile in a year’s time; also it looks like there’s /still/ drama over cabal vs stack.

Right now, this is hosted on httpd on OpenBSD. I’ll probably migrate to CentOS at some point but who knows.